Top Podcasts and Motivational Books (for life and business)

Top podcasts and motivational books for business and life

My big list of the top podcasts and motivational books to help you live a positive life and grow your online business!

Having a positive mindset when creating and growing your online blog or business is critical for success, but not always so easily accomplished. Our minds are constantly bombarded with stressful thoughts, fears and frustrations.

The best way I’ve discovered to help me overcome these awful feelings is to constantly learn tips, techniques and strategies to help me rewire my brain and stay in a positive place.

By learning how to handle negative thoughts and emotions, I can focus on the most important aspects of growing my own business and use my time to work instead of worry.

Here is a list of some of my most favorite books and podcasts that help keep my mind healthy and happy. I hope they help you too!


Awesome motivational books you have to read

I love every single book in this list and for many different reasons. I picked this list because I have found so much value in each and every one.

But most importantly, they have all helped me to learn new skills, overcome fears and self-doubt and to keep me on track and motivated in everything I do.

Maybe you will find your next favorite book in the list!











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Top Podcasts (and business ones too!)

As much as I love a great book, I’m even more hooked on Podcasts. They provide bite-sized chunks of helpful information that you can squeeze in when you have some free time.

I like to listen to a Podcast when I’m taking a walk, grocery shopping, in the bathroom while I’m getting ready to start my day and anytime I hop in the car to go someplace.

I love my music too, but I find I’m listening to podcasts more and more so I can squeeze a little extra knowledge in my brain.

This list of best podcasts will help you grow your business and stay focused an positive.


Online marketing made easy podcast    Marie forleo podcast    inspire nation podcast     just keep blogging podcast    lead to win podcast

smart passive income podcast    The business boutique podcast    problogger podcast     do it scared podcast    dtorybrand podcast

marketing your business podcast    Thriveology podcast    emergence podcast


Never stop learning

Did you know that when you learn something new you are actually creating new neural pathways in your brain? That means your getting smarter by keeping your brain active.

Books and podcasts are not only great for learning something new, they actually keep your brain healthy which is an added bonus.

When you find yourself having a bit of free time, why not fill it with an inspirational or business book or podcast from this list?

I hope you find something new that you love and makes your life that much better!

What are your favorite books and top podcasts?

I’m always on the hunt for the next best thing. I’d love to hear your favorites so I can check them out. Leave me a comment below and let me know!

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